Click a transmission destination registration button. Field Service Program Modes DirectScan enables users to directly scan documents into PC folders without having to install any additional hardware or software connectors. Assy Pad Separator Select the type of shortcut personal or shared to register from the pull-down menu. Specifying Ssl Certificate Settings Setting Auto Distribution general Settings

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Distribute as shared document Forward received document Introduction to OfficeBridge Printer Registration Adjustment Cover Tx Side F The selected destinations are deleted.

Specifying Object Settings Specify the name and location to save the file, and click [Save]. Click for the user to print the history for.

Muratec MFX-2570 Manuals

Specify a fax number, F code sub-address, passworde-mail address Fromor subject to use as the distribution condition. Shortcut Register, edit or delete folder shortcuts and FTP server shortcuts.

Creating Address Books Underlined values are the mdx settings specified at the time of shipment. Note Click [Initialize] to restore the default settings.


Drivers and support – Muratec America

With the figure selected, click tool. Filtering Setting Select the basic policy for the access restrictions. Removing Jammed Paper For example, received order forms and invoices can be forwarded to other employees in the same company without printing them to paper paperless reception.

Life Mfd Maintenance Permissions Set the printing, editing, and copying permissions.

There are two methods for searching; simple search, which enables you to search by entering a search string only, and advanced search, which enables you to search by setting detailed conditions.

A copy of the figures is created.

– Overview-MFX Features

The document transmission is canceled. Item User List Displays a list of the users. The search results are displayed when searching is complete.

Checking The Usage Status Registering A 2750 You can check the following information on the communication job screen. Transmitting Documents You can specify destinations and transmit documents scanned on the machine via fax. Exporting Destination to an External File You can export the selected destination to an external file.


Drivers and support

Assy Pad Separator Items To Avoid An error also occurs if the destination is being used for a job being transmitted or a job scheduled to be transmitted. Specifying Object Settings Setting An Internet Time Executing My Mfd Cover Tx B The user information items that can be imported and their corresponding vCard item names are indicated below.

To delete the object, click menu. Up to 10 e-mail templates can be registered.