Keep the refresh rate higher you might even end up with fewer headaches. It could be that connector on either end of the monitor cable is loose. Anyone know why it’s doing this, and what could be done to alleviate it? Wierd thing is, it’s only these games that this happened in? I second the electrical interference idea. I’ve noticed a few times in different locations that desk fans running near by tend to whack out monitors. I have the ones i have because i work at local PC shop.

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Newegg’s Cyber Monday deals are available now, including 43 percent off a inch LG gaming monitor. Just keep in mind you’ll m939s have to do the same thing a few years down the road.

I del lack experience with tuning and repairing CRTs. Might be the perfect time to hit the boss up for a new Minitor monitor Microsoft’s snazzy Surface Hub 2 gets a backwards-compatible sibling in It hasn’t yet brought the Surface Hub 2 collaboration platform to general availability, but Microsoft’s outlined the Hub strategy in broad strokes. Seriously, though, I had that problem with a powered air cleaner plugged into the same outlet as my CRT monitor. February 23, 5: That can help determine what direction the interference is coming from, if nothing else.

You could try moving the monitor to your desk and see if it vibrates there or, do the opposite, move your monitor to someone else’s desk and see if it still vibrates. I suggest having a look for cold solder joints on the neck board and main board first.


Cyber Monday deals at Costco: I’m not sure what u call it, either banding or moire started occuring, when play hl2 or cs source?

Dell Ms 19″ monitor | PC Review

Seems to have caused some kind of permanent marking, because u can see the markings when statrtin up hl2, on the black backgrounds of the intro loading sequence and stuff. At my last job, my monitor’s images would start vibrating m993a the person at the cubicle next to mine would turn on her screen.

I think that the power in my old house is inconsistent. M93s Jim go get a box from the back.

MS-Monitor – Translation into English – examples German | Reverso Context

Getting them both grounded to a common ground point is important to making sure the overvoltage and ground fault protection circuits in the PC power supply work as intended for safety. It get this problem sometimes when I have m93s box fan on the floor near my monitor. I have the ones i have because i work at local PC shop.

I have a 98 machine, if that doesn’t work i have a 98VM and montior that doesn’t work i can build 1. When you check Craigslist on a regular basis there are usually good CRTs around. Also, do you know if someone’s recently added hardware to the same circuit you’re using?


I suspect the UPS or line conditioner will address the problem. Can’t my monitor do this res? That dust there is ancient probably.

Translation of “M993S-Monitor” in English

Yeah Peter not to rag on you but, good CRTs aren’t as common. Power Device Nominal Voltage. I have seen that in the old days from a bad monitor port. It is probably the refresh rate of 60Hz causing this. Projector Max V-Sync Rate.

Dell M993s 19″ monitor

This should isolate your computer from the AC line so you can confirm or eliminate the AC power as a variable. Sometimes, this kind of thing can result from a “ground loop” becoming established between a desktop machine’s chassis, and a monitor.

Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money by Lori Grunin. I’ve also seen lots of monitors get wonky when fans or heavy-duty electronic devices were used nearby. Have old epson with windows 95 and a Serial port.

That could explain why it’s just started happening. At an old apartment there was some kind of transformer in the courtyard about 10 feet away from my window and it caused the image on my computer monitor to jiggle.