I would really like to see them include a Bluetooth chat client there is an SMS application and a few other goodies. Better yet, it’s backlit. Sounds great but lacks vision. There are even games to truly waste time on a level equal to the internet. Like its two more expensive siblings, the TG50 has an eye-catching design that will attract some attention. Trending Price New.

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One more little complaint, the tab key does not move you between fields. There is some very noticeable shadowing c,ie, which hard core Clie owners will find frustrating at first. The jack is standard size, so any headphones you have will work.

The clie peg- tg I’ve owned visor prism, clie ux treo 90 and a palm zire. We’ve changed, we promise.

Let me take a minute to address the graffiti comment above. Sony recently addressed this problem by releasing a wireless configuration tool than runs on the desktop and Clie which is a must download.

The included lithium-ion rechargeable battery offered longer life than we expected.

Sony CLIE PEG-TG50 PDA | eBay

The TG50 fits will in the pants pocket and is doable in a shirt pocket, but still a little tall and heavy for my liking. PhotoStand This is one of my favorites. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Still a excellent OS for handheld. As I stated before, the voice recorder has a special launcher button which is a little annoying.


Review Sony Clie PEG-TG50

Rather than just opening the application, it starts recording immediately, which means more trouble to delete unwanted recordings later on. Plus price now with these PDA is very low.

So in effect, you may move from text field to text field, like entering in a new contact, and still use graffiti if that is to your liking. I think any business user will feel comfortable wielding the Peg-t50 and its understated design.

But you’ll need a Bluetooth-enabled phone such as Sony Ericsson’s T68i to take advantage of these advanced capabilities; a data-service plan is also required. The hold is great for protecting against accidental recordings of the TG50 rattling around in your pocket all day, or until the memory card fills up! My only complaint about the record button is that it actually starts the recorder, not just the application.

It seems either people love it, or hate it and unfortunately I fall in the latter group. The x pixel screen measures 3 inches peh-tg50 continues to be a Sony staple.

The built in speaker is robust for onboard sound and is loud enough for you to hear cclie when it’s in a leather case. Palm T X Didn’t regret purchasing it at all. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted I was able to connect to my Sony Ericsson t68i without issue.


I found the processor kept up well with most movies, even ones with a high degree of action. The TG50 also includes Flash player, which is nice, but quite underutilized as in the past. Each application must be installed separately, which is a bit of a drag, but it allows you to fill up your memory with only the programs you intend to use.

Yes, I Know, I was one of those who said “Gosh, if these things could only dial the number in the address file and work like a phone too, wouldn’t that be cool! Typically, CLIE handhelds or personal entertainment organizers, as Sony calls them come with good software bundles, and this model is no exception.

One warning about the cover: Clie Mail continues to be pretty solid. This option in the TG50 allows you to select graffiti input, via dimpled button on the right, when the cursor is in a text area.