Hui doesn’t work but Mackie Control sort of works Please note that I have not written the Windows driver for this device, only a replacement for Sonar plug-in. Works here in W10pro as well. Azslow made us new drivers I think. Didn’t take any significant steps to get the driver working, but please note that the original Sonar plugin from Frontier is effectively useless at this point. Has anybody got this working?

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Had it working in windows 10 before I upgraded my system to windows 10 pro. View More Photo Galleries.

Thanks for the info Azslow3 and thank you for the AZ Controller without which there would be no point in this old device in Sonar now. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

I have one and it works. Los Angeles, CA Offline. The latest driver on their website only goes up to Windows 7.

Frontier Alphatrack in Windows – Cockos Incorporated Forums

I’m trying to install az controller on windows 10 but windows is blocking it. If I do a straight install I get the message ‘Can’t install on this version of Windows’. In AZ Controller everything is re-programmable. You need to set the compatibility of the install program to Windows 7 via the Properties dialog.


Yep, got it going now, found something on the Sonar forum.

I’m not looking for an instant remedy but some sort alphatradk response saying that it would be coming in the future could influence my buying decision. All times are GMT House of Worship Where y’at?

Frontier Design Group

It might have been fine on mine with windows 8 being installed and not 8. Faderport working perfectly in win10 here. Has anybody got this working?

Thanks, glad to know it’s possible. Hui doesn’t work but Mackie Control sort of works I’ve seen the following trick from Zephyrus: Find More Posts by Shippo. I intend on purchasing Melodyne one way or another.

Frontier AlphaTrack vs Faderport and Win 10 support

Also this plug-in in universal, it is the same for any device. Is alpharack a reason or fix for that? Sometimes it is very responsive, but other times I need to click everything winvows to get what I want e. How do I get around that?


Haven’t received registration windods E-mail? The first one went for too much and I was out bided, but I found another in near new condition for less. Is it lagging as well? My Faderport is not working at all with sonar and windows I was editing my post when you replied so you would have missed No. I’ve heard quieter ones, I’ve heard louder ones.

I’ll get back to you on this. As such, I doubt whether you’ll see them bend over backwards to provide support for it. Thanks for the info.

I think I paid euros or so for it many years ago.